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copper cabel 16mm square ISI

per 5 meter

Product details

Introducing the Copper Cable 16mm Square ISI, the perfect solution for all your electrical needs. Crafted with precision, this copper cable guarantees top-notch performance and unparalleled durability. Its impressive 16mm square size ensures high conductivity, delivering a steady flow of power to your devices.

Designed to meet the ISI standard, this cable is all about quality and safety. Rest assured, as it goes through rigorous testing to offer you optimum reliability. Whether you're installing it in your office, home, or industrial setting, this copper cable is up to the task.

Not only is this cable powerful, but it's also flexible and easy to work with. Its sleek design makes installation a breeze, saving you time and effort. With the Copper Cable 16mm Square ISI, you can trust that your electrical connections will remain secure and efficient.

Invest in excellence with the Copper Cable 16mm Square ISI and experience the difference in performance. Upgrade your electrical system today!

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